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How do you make people feel?

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With psychological marketing it’s all about how you make people feel.

The human brain, the part that deals with facts and figures, benefits and features, when left to itself would never make a decision. It would constantly keep weighing the options and the choices and never get to a decision.

Our job as marketers is getting a person to desire your product first.

That want and desire is what drives decisions and actions.

Facts and features are only used after the desire is awaken to justify the decision to themselves and others.

Sales only happen when someone desires what your product can do for them.

We can help this process along by using images, videos and other media to prime our customers into the right frame of mind.

Why do you think advertisers who write ads and commercials for major companies use exciting visuals and pretty models?  It’s because they want you to feel a certain way about their product. Some of these ads hardly mention the product.

Marketing is about getting the consumer to feel the way they want them to feel.

You can do the same thing with the images and videos that you use in your ads and even in your office.

Remember it’s all about how you make your customer feel.

How much does it cost to Market Your Product or Service?

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How do you know if your marketing is making you money or costing you money?

You may not realize what you are spending to market a product by going to networking groups.

In this podcast we discuss the numbers needed to determine if your marketing efforts are really paying off.  Marketing by going to networking groups may be a lot more expensive than you think.

We discussed the process that you will need to know to determine if you can afford to market in a variety of situations.  Without solid numbers networking is just trying and wishing.

If you would like to discuss your numbers and what alternative you have you can schedule a no-obligation consultation at> http://calendly.com/alliedpixels


A Lizard, A Wolf, and A Human walk into a bar

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This is a story of how our three brains, (lizard, wolf and human) go to a bar and decide what to drink.

It illustrates what part each of your brain play in the decision making process of sales and marketing.

The Lizard, the Wolf and the Human walk into a bar….

The Lizard immediately sees a pool table and runs to start a game….

He then sees the dart boards and leaves his game to start playing darts…

Then the karaoke machine start up and he has to run over to start singing…

The lizard flits from activity to activity,  this shiny object to the next…

The Wolf immediately surveys the room to find the “IN” crowd….

She instantly categories everyone in the bar and makes her way over to the group where she belongs….

They sit, they talk, they laugh, and have a great old time…

The Human sits down at the bar….

He reads religiously through the menu noting all the choices…

He scans the walls looking for any drink special…

He asks for calorie information and the latest reviews…

He spends his time weighing the individual merits of each choice…

The Lizard and the Wolf decide they want a drink…

They head up to the bar…

The Lizard say, “Hey that looks interesting, let’s have that…”

The Wolf looks around to see if that is a socially acceptable choice, and then says, “Ok let’s have that…”

Meanwhile the Human has spend a half and hour weighing each choice and has narrowed it down to the top 15 choices…

The bartender comes to take their order…

She takes the Lizard’s and Wolf’s order and turns to the Human and says, “What about you?”

The Human looks bewildered for a moment and says….

“I’ll have what they are having…”

“Besides it is supposed to have a rich body, and a robust taste.”

Sales is about getting the Lizard’s attention….

Winning the Wolf’s confidence…

And not over complicating things for the Human.

The human brain exists to justify and rationalize the decisions we make in the other two brains….

If left to itself, the human brain would never make a decision.  it would spend forever weighing the choices.  By giving it too many choices we can kill the sale.  It needs just enough choices and facts to justify the decision.  And then claim credit for the decision.



Why Buy from You?

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Psychological Marketing Podcast – Why Buy From You?


Why should people buy your product or service?

There are hundreds if not thousands of people out there selling the same product or service. Why choose you?

The reason is because it is you. You need to connect with your customers. If you don’t you won’t be successful.

Psychological marketing is about teaching you to use emotions and psychology to get the attention of your customer and then to connect and close them.

Magic Words

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There are certain magical expressions that will get a person’s immediate attention and will bypass the critical factor to get your message heard. Those words are the other person’s exact words repeated to them.

We go through life looking for our self. Looking for someone who is like us. Someone who will understand us. When we find someone who speaks like us we are willing to work with them and buy from them.

Echoing a person’s exact words signals to that person that they are heard and understood.

Marketing to the Lizard Brain


There’s a part of your brain called the reticular activating system. The reticular activating system is designed to screen out everything else except things that matter to you.

Remember the last time you picked out a car and bought a new car. You are driving down the road and all of a sudden you notice that every damn person in the world seemed to pick the same car, in the same color as yours. Before you bought the car you never noticed any of them before. But now, as you drive from that time on, you notice other people who are driving the same car. Your mind will be picking out other people who have the same car as you do.

That’s the reticular activating system at work,

It looks for things that catch your attention and screens out other things that don’t make much difference. It’s part of the lizard brain.

So how do you use that system to be able to get people’s attention?

Back in early caveman days, it learned to protect us from danger. It pays attention to things:
That are new
That are different
That are novel
That threaten us
and helps us avoid things that could be dangerous

By using that fact, and crafting your message in a way that will affect a person in that lizard brain, you’ll be able to get their attention.

One of the principles that happens in that part of the brain, is that we are twice as likely to be motivated to avoid about losing something, then to gain something new.

Let’s say I were to give you $10 every time you did a certain activity. That may or may not be a motivation for you. $10 in this day in age is not that great amount of money, but let’s say every time I caught you not doing it, you had to give me $10.

Which of those would be more motivational to you?

If you’re like most people the thought of losing $10 as opposed to gaining $10, is twice as motivating.

When you’re talking to somebody getting their attention may mean talking in terms of what they are losing instead of what they can gain.

Great headlines to get your attention might be “How to avoid losing or wasting 95% of your marketing dollars.”

The Curse of Poop

Imaging feeling cursed that birds are going to poo on you.  Let’s look at it from the bird’s perspective and learn a marketing lesson from it.

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The Curse of Poop

My daughter had a friend who believed their family had a curse. That curse was that they got hit by bird poo. It happened to a couple of them and they decided that was their curse.

Expecting  to get hit by a low flying bird can be quite a curse indeed.

How many of you go around looking to get hit by bird poo? Probably nobody. Occasionally it does happen, but it’s not something we have to worry about in the huge scheme of life.

Let’s look at it from a bird’s perspective let’s pretend you’re a bird flying around and you want to drop a bomb on some unsuspecting person. You fly around shiting out your pile everyplace, hoping to hit that lucky person with your pile of poo.

Most people’s marketing is just like that. They go round vomiting their marketing poo wherever they go and even pay others to spread their poop.

Going back to a bird’s perspectiv, let’s So you’re flying over a forest. What are your chances of hitting somebody with your load of poo. not very great.

But instead let’s say you hung out over this busy street, where there were tons of people walking back and forth. How much more of a chance do you think you’d have of getting lucky with that pile. Much more, right?

Let’s say you found a perch over a sports stadium where there were 50,000 people sitting down there underneath you. What do you think your chance of smacking somebody right in the eye would be? Much better right.

A lot of people’s marketing is just throwing it out there flying over the forest, flying over the highway, flying over the neighborhood, or whatever, hoping to hit somebody in the eye with their poo. They go to networking groups and hope to catch that right person who needs their stuff at that right moment.

About 3% of people are ready to buy right now. That leaves 97% who are not ready, or not interested, or just plain too busy to deal with your particular marketing message.

By flying around trying to find those 3%, you spend a lot of time and a lot of effort and get very little results.

Now instead of just flying around and throwing your poo every place .  

How about treating your marketing message like you’re speaking to a huge sports stadium of people.

Instead of talking to the 3% who are ready, you teach the 100% important lessons that will keep  you in their mind.

You speak about things that they are interested in. You share  interesting facts that will benefit them and then you weave your message in with that.

How much better of a marketing strategy is that.

If you’d like to sit down with me and talk about focusing your marketing strategy. Go to Alliedpixels.com and book a free consultation.

I love helping people but if  you just looking to waste some time talking to somebody, please don’t.

I’m interested in helping people but you have to be willing to be coachable.

How to be Remembered – Podcast

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Here is Podcast # 11 from my podcast on Anchor.fm/witchdoctorRX

In this episode we offer a marketing tip for people who want people to remember them and their product. The Zeigarnik effect states that thing are remembered when they are not complete. By leaving the loop open we are better remembered.


You can find my podcast at http://anchor.fm/witchdoctorRX or a bunch of other sites such Itunes, Google, Spotify, Castbox and Stitcher.


What is Attraction Marketing?

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Attraction means getting your customers attention

The brief definition of what attraction marketing is could appear too simple. It is merely a term that means that the online marketer utilizes the Internet to help attract individuals to their business.

To take this to another degree, attraction advertising can be defined as bringing people to you instead of pursuing them. ​

In conventional advertising, many dollars are spent to find the customer who will purchase the service or product. Billboards are put along freeways,  radio ads and TV ad are created to get  individuals to pay attention to their product.  Ads are designed to build brand awareness in the hopes that when a customer is shopping they will pick your product.

In attraction marketing, the customer comes to you since they have listened to something that could profit them somehow. This permits the business to create a desire for their product or service. Internet marketing is seldom done with memorable slogans or flashy ads. Instead, it is an approach of acquainting  people with the details about the product or services and building an  interest in them. Using this can help a business to grow swiftly.

Website Design

Any kind of Web marketer could use the lessons learned to build their business. There are three steps to developing a successful attraction marketing campaign,. The bright side is that none of them are tough, pricey or extremely time consuming.

Below, we'll discover these 3 components as well as find out how you can place them to use regardless of what sort of Web marketing service you have.

In short, they are as follows:

1. Consumers find you, your service or products on the internet.

2. Consumers permit you to contact them.

3. You provide consumers with information they could use and profit from through email, and you keep your company before them constantly.

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Customers Find You

The initial action in the procedure is to get individuals to find you online. How do you get more individuals to discover you online?

The best action is to have a informational and attractive internet site and/or blog site where you could talk with, work with, as well as connect with your visitors. Make sure your website tells visitors that you are giving a service to them, info for them, and not a sales ad to convince them to get your product.


You will need to get your message to a variety of sources. Develop superb short articles and thorough outlines related to your company or product and also then place them into the mainstream. You could upload them on different places such as your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and other social networks websites.

The benefit of doing this is two-fold. Because of the authority of many of these sites, Google ranks articles well and sometimes it is possible to get first page Google results for a well written, exhaustive article about a particular topic. When somebody trying to find info on a product or service you are providing by searches for it in Google, your article may certainly turn up as a result.

Guest posting your content on other websites is a superb means to get information your expertise out to the general public.

Another benefit of this is the ability to obtain that back links to your website. The more back links pointing to your website, the more individuals will certainly discover you and the better Google will rank your web site.


There are many other methods to develop that successful attraction marketing. One of the most attractive, and useful methods to get your business out there is, actually, to speak about it! Social networking is a method of communicating with others regarding anything you wish to, really.

Most social media web sites were not begun to assist organisations to expand, however most of them are able to be utilized this way.  This is exactly what you are looking for. Using social media is about providing information and help to others.  Sales doesn't go over well here.

Social media sites include the following:

  • Digg.com
  • StumbleUpon
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube and a variety of others.

YouTube has actually become the # 2 internet search engine. Videos are a crucial Search Engine Optimization ranking factor to elevate your Google exposure. Use them in order to help market your business indirectly.

There are many, many more websites that you could use. Use what works the best for you and your business.  Beware of just wasting time on Facebook or some other site and calling it marketing.

There is no way that you could go to every one of these site. The key is not to invest all your time on them, either. You need to locate a few and to really study and also to work with.


While it is essential for people to build a network of people to obtain traffic to their website, this is usually where lots of people fall short. Let's say you sign up with Facebook, put up a couple of images, friend your email contacts, but then don't do much else. No one is going to find you or request your product or services.

You have to network to enable others to find you on any of the social networking internet sites. Social media is a fairly indirect way of getting visitors to your web site. You begin to submit articles to Digg.com allowing for others to find them. You wait. You do not see excessive web traffic there. Oh, well ... you move on.

This is where most mistakes takes place. The fact is, you have to get out there and actually work  to make your presence known. Here are some pointers to make this possible.

  • Utilize your account! This is one of the secret devices you have to obtain individuals back to your internet site. Most account listing will have your web URL on it.
  • · Friend others - Find others that share something in common with you and construct a network with them. You might be advertising an baby product as well as well as being a mother. When you sign up with the a social media site, advertise on your own as a mother initially, and connect with various other moms on the site.
  • Build a network from your close friend's networks. Use your email contacts and find and friend them on your favorite social sites. Maintain on-going communication and develop a network of friends who know and trust you.  This will spill over to your product or service.

There are ways to construct a network utilizing social media networking. The key is to keep  working on it and also take pleasure in the process. Over time, people come to your site to learn about what you have to provide. If it interests them, they buy from you. Work the  process over and over and at the end of the day, you have drawn people to you without speaking excessively concerning your business.

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Get Permission to Communicate

The next step in the procedure of utilizing attraction marketing is to get people to allow you talk to them. With the advent of laws concerning spam and various other unacceptable means of communication, it has actually become extremely important for any kind of online marketing professional to make sure they stay on the good side of the law.

As an online marketer, you have to have the permission of a consumer, customer or website site visitors to send them any type of form of communication apart from direct communication such as blog comments, chatbot or messenger communication.

Why you should you do this, you might be asking. Part of the process of creating an effective Internet marketing business, is that you need to present your service or product in front of the client.

You want those that locate you on the internet to come to your web site and you want to be able to capture their contact information. Using this method, you are able to get their permission to send them more info.

There are several lead capture tools available in order to help you to achieve this. Exactly what happens is simple:.

  • People locate your information online.
  • They follow it to your website's lead capture web page.
  • They register when they arrive there.
  • You have permission now to sell to or market to them.
  • Now, you can advertise to them on a regular basis.

Now a day, in order to get a person to give you their contact information you will need to bribe them with a gift.  It could be a free report, e-book, or some other information they see as valuable.  People are becoming more hesitant about sharing their information and you need to make it worth their wile to give you their info.

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Provide Information, not Sales Stuff

You have done all of this work and you still do not have revenue in hand. Why not?

This is where the last component of the 3 component of attraction marketing takes place. Currently, you will take the info that you have worked to collect  and also make it into something that's going to make a profit for you.

Bear in mind, while this procedure may seem like it is lengthy and a lot of work, you are going to automate much of it. In this manner, you are likely to start earning money from attraction marketing right from the beginning the procedure.

Provide information and not spam.  One of the keys to building an effective attraction marketing strategy is not to be extremely sales like. What you do needs to be done based upon subtle sales information. You are supplying information to the customer. You are just providing useful information to supply to them most of the time. This is why it is called attraction marketing.You are providing them useful details and things to utilize, the consumer is drawn in to you.

Do not stop working on that particular factor: education is vital, not sales advertisements.

Creating Emails

As part of the procedure to make use of the permissions given to you by those that have seen your internet site, you will require a strategy. The plan is rather specific. You have to send e-mails to those that are on your list that permits them to gain something useful and discover your product. You should have a plan in place to ensure that you could be expert while still getting individuals to your website.

In this type of attraction marketing, you are attracting people to your site by initial telling them something vital. They assume, "Hey, this is excellent. This is exactly what I require." They head over to your website from the web link published in the e-mail. There they can make a purchase from you or do just what you learn more about what you can do for them.

To make sure this takes place, you need to ensure that your emails are well received and have the most effective information you could provide to the reader. By doing this, they are most likely to visit your site.

To automate this process you will want to create a series of e-mail interactions with them. It does not matter what you call it. Rather, it matters that it be a regular planned process.  One or two emails aren't going to cut it. A whole series of email should be planned out and put into an email service called an autoresponder.  These will be fed to the leads as a continuous stream of email set to a schedule.  This is often called a drip campaign.  

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Email Tips

Make your subject line efficient and inviting.  A common issue that many people have when making use of any form of e-mail advertising and marketing is that they just do not get their viewers to open up the e-mail. How can you succeed if the viewers is not even reading what your wrote? Utilize your subject line as a tool. The subject line is is the most important factor in getting your emails opened and read.

Email subjects should grab their attention and curiosity.  Making them wonder what you are talking about can get them to open the email.  A benefit or even a warning can get them to open the email.  Make sure you use the visitor's names, their name is the sweetest word they will ever read.

Don't overdue it with graphics.  Much e-mail advertising and marketing emails have way too much graphics. Excite your visitor and get them to actually read the email you have sent out. If you have too many graphics and it takes too long for them to get to the content, they will close the email before see what you want to discuss.

Tell them just what to do. Inform them what steps to take to purchase or just what they can do to find out more. Provide a link that takes them to the answers to their questions. ​

Attraction advertising is just as effective as you make it. Consequently, if you invest  little time in it, especially in composing these emails, and creating opportunities that are poor, you will certainly get very little from it. Take your time to generate a quality, extremely attractive email to sent out to your visitors.

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What to Send In Emails

Still not sure of just what you can do with your emails? Right here are a few more suggestions:

  • Share information on the topic you are enthusiastic about, hopefully pertaining to your internet site.
  • Share a great book, informational product or other something else that connects to your business indirectly.  You can make money from affiliate products and commission on Amazon with links from your recommendations.
  •  Share live event details. If you are doing an instructional seminar,  webinar or Facebook live you can invite your readers to come to your web site to attend.
  • When you are running a sale you can offer your visitors info regarding it.
  • Maybe you are offering some recorded training or online course and want to share the details with your list.

An effective campaign gets people back to your web site. Take the time to put attraction marketing in place to capture leads from traffic to your website as it comes in from a variety of sources.

If you are uncertain this could work for you, think about typical sales systems. You could pay a greatly trafficked web site for an advertisement costing you big bucks to get sufficient viewers to your website. Or, you can invest your time, not your money, in obtaining high quality website traffic that is already interested in you!

The more back links pointing into your site, the more people will discover you and also the much better will Google ranks your website. While it is important for individuals to build a network of people to get website traffic to their internet site, this is where lots of people fail. 

Use attraction marketing to build your customer list and be able to sell products to them.  We at Allied Pixels can help you construct your sales funnel and email system for you.