How do you make people feel?

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With psychological marketing it’s all about how you make people feel.

The human brain, the part that deals with facts and figures, benefits and features, when left to itself would never make a decision. It would constantly keep weighing the options and the choices and never get to a decision.

Our job as marketers is getting a person to desire your product first.

That want and desire is what drives decisions and actions.

Facts and features are only used after the desire is awaken to justify the decision to themselves and others.

Sales only happen when someone desires what your product can do for them.

We can help this process along by using images, videos and other media to prime our customers into the right frame of mind.

Why do you think advertisers who write ads and commercials for major companies use exciting visuals and pretty models?  It’s because they want you to feel a certain way about their product. Some of these ads hardly mention the product.

Marketing is about getting the consumer to feel the way they want them to feel.

You can do the same thing with the images and videos that you use in your ads and even in your office.

Remember it’s all about how you make your customer feel.