A Complete Done for You Lead Generation Campaign

We use LinkedIn and Facebook to create business opportunities designed for your business and targeted to your ideal customers.

Market Research

Market research to determine what your potential customers likes and wants about a your business will be conducted.  The research will determine the direction of the lead generation program.

Targeted Traffic

Facebook Ads or LinkedIn requests  or both, will target

your customer base to create traffic to the specific offers that we choose together to run for your business.  They are designed to get you new customer opportunities.

Custom Targeting

Everything will be targeted toward your ideal customer  profile and will work to getting you new customer interactions each and every month.

Individualized Landing Page

Landing pages designed for your specific offer or product will be created to take the targeted traffic and capture it so it can be reported to you to make into new sales.

Thank You Page

A custom thank you page will be created to direct the prospective customer to your business and will provide the information concerning the offer, coupon or product.

Lead Notification

Each new lead will be tracked and reported to you so that you or your staff can convert them into customers.  All pertinent information will be made available on a regular basis.

Email Sequence

A series of emails, that will be sent out over time, will be created highlighting your business and providing information to each person who visited the landing page and left their information.  This can be used to direct people to your offer or other promotions you may have.

Our Commitment is to get you 30 new customer opportunities each month.

If we don't you will get your next month's campaign for free.

So what are you waiting for?

Let us do your lead generation for you.  Experience a committed supply of new leads each month.

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