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How do you make people feel?

baby and dad

With psychological marketing it’s all about how you make people feel.

The human brain, the part that deals with facts and figures, benefits and features, when left to itself would never make a decision. It would constantly keep weighing the options and the choices and never get to a decision.

Our job as marketers is getting a person to desire your product first.

That want and desire is what drives decisions and actions.

Facts and features are only used after the desire is awaken to justify the decision to themselves and others.

Sales only happen when someone desires what your product can do for them.

We can help this process along by using images, videos and other media to prime our customers into the right frame of mind.

Why do you think advertisers who write ads and commercials for major companies use exciting visuals and pretty models?  It’s because they want you to feel a certain way about their product. Some of these ads hardly mention the product.

Marketing is about getting the consumer to feel the way they want them to feel.

You can do the same thing with the images and videos that you use in your ads and even in your office.

Remember it’s all about how you make your customer feel.

A Lizard, A Wolf, and A Human walk into a bar

bar image

This is a story of how our three brains, (lizard, wolf and human) go to a bar and decide what to drink.

It illustrates what part each of your brain play in the decision making process of sales and marketing.

The Lizard, the Wolf and the Human walk into a bar….

The Lizard immediately sees a pool table and runs to start a game….

He then sees the dart boards and leaves his game to start playing darts…

Then the karaoke machine start up and he has to run over to start singing…

The lizard flits from activity to activity,  this shiny object to the next…

The Wolf immediately surveys the room to find the “IN” crowd….

She instantly categories everyone in the bar and makes her way over to the group where she belongs….

They sit, they talk, they laugh, and have a great old time…

The Human sits down at the bar….

He reads religiously through the menu noting all the choices…

He scans the walls looking for any drink special…

He asks for calorie information and the latest reviews…

He spends his time weighing the individual merits of each choice…

The Lizard and the Wolf decide they want a drink…

They head up to the bar…

The Lizard say, “Hey that looks interesting, let’s have that…”

The Wolf looks around to see if that is a socially acceptable choice, and then says, “Ok let’s have that…”

Meanwhile the Human has spend a half and hour weighing each choice and has narrowed it down to the top 15 choices…

The bartender comes to take their order…

She takes the Lizard’s and Wolf’s order and turns to the Human and says, “What about you?”

The Human looks bewildered for a moment and says….

“I’ll have what they are having…”

“Besides it is supposed to have a rich body, and a robust taste.”

Sales is about getting the Lizard’s attention….

Winning the Wolf’s confidence…

And not over complicating things for the Human.

The human brain exists to justify and rationalize the decisions we make in the other two brains….

If left to itself, the human brain would never make a decision.  it would spend forever weighing the choices.  By giving it too many choices we can kill the sale.  It needs just enough choices and facts to justify the decision.  And then claim credit for the decision.