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The Curse of Poop

Imaging feeling cursed that birds are going to poo on you.  Let’s look at it from the bird’s perspective and learn a marketing lesson from it.

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The Curse of Poop

My daughter had a friend who believed their family had a curse. That curse was that they got hit by bird poo. It happened to a couple of them and they decided that was their curse.

Expecting  to get hit by a low flying bird can be quite a curse indeed.

How many of you go around looking to get hit by bird poo? Probably nobody. Occasionally it does happen, but it’s not something we have to worry about in the huge scheme of life.

Let’s look at it from a bird’s perspective let’s pretend you’re a bird flying around and you want to drop a bomb on some unsuspecting person. You fly around shiting out your pile everyplace, hoping to hit that lucky person with your pile of poo.

Most people’s marketing is just like that. They go round vomiting their marketing poo wherever they go and even pay others to spread their poop.

Going back to a bird’s perspectiv, let’s So you’re flying over a forest. What are your chances of hitting somebody with your load of poo. not very great.

But instead let’s say you hung out over this busy street, where there were tons of people walking back and forth. How much more of a chance do you think you’d have of getting lucky with that pile. Much more, right?

Let’s say you found a perch over a sports stadium where there were 50,000 people sitting down there underneath you. What do you think your chance of smacking somebody right in the eye would be? Much better right.

A lot of people’s marketing is just throwing it out there flying over the forest, flying over the highway, flying over the neighborhood, or whatever, hoping to hit somebody in the eye with their poo. They go to networking groups and hope to catch that right person who needs their stuff at that right moment.

About 3% of people are ready to buy right now. That leaves 97% who are not ready, or not interested, or just plain too busy to deal with your particular marketing message.

By flying around trying to find those 3%, you spend a lot of time and a lot of effort and get very little results.

Now instead of just flying around and throwing your poo every place .  

How about treating your marketing message like you’re speaking to a huge sports stadium of people.

Instead of talking to the 3% who are ready, you teach the 100% important lessons that will keep  you in their mind.

You speak about things that they are interested in. You share  interesting facts that will benefit them and then you weave your message in with that.

How much better of a marketing strategy is that.

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